Free Tetris Games

How to play Tetris Game

use up down left right move

Free Tetris is a skillful square sorting game. It is simple and easy to operate, only you need to make it descend correctly according to the shape of Tetris, and then sort them so that they form a row at the bottom. As long as one row is creating, it will be eliminating. The more rows are discarding, and the more scores will be obtaining.

Free Tetris’ Game Operations

In Free Tetris, the game interface will drop some squares one after another, some squares, some strips, all kinds. Move it in the direction through the direction key, and the down key will accelerate the descending speed of the square. The up key will deform these shapes into the shape you want to fit other squares, forming a row, and then dissipating.

The game features of Free Tetris

All kinds of Tetris come in different colors. The up key can change the Tetris into the desired shape, and then put them into the ranks. Eliminating each row will enable it to have an individual score while removing each row will be visible in the box on the right. The whole game is accompanied by music, and every line eliminated will be different music. There are also different levels of difficulty in Free Tetris that allow you to challenge continually.

You must have played the classic Free Tetris. What you need to do is to deform the falling squares and try to make the squares form a neat line after falling, so that you can eliminate them and get points.  The more rows removed, the higher the score obtained.  Io(paper io is an evolutionary version of the classic greedy snake. You need to control the lines to move, expand the area, and strive to become the person with the most territory on the screen.

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